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Volvo introduce new heavyweight HB Series hammers

Volvo Construction Equipment have extended the development of branded breakers into the heavier excavator segment with the launch of their new HB Series of hydraulic hammers.

The seven models in the HB Series range in weight from the 830kg HB800 up to the 3,800kg HB3800, which offer 1,450 and 9,200 joules of impact energy respectively. Suitable for primary breaking in quarries, demolishing concrete buildings, road rehabilitation work etc, the hammers have been designed for maximum speed and productivity, while imposing minimum stress on their host equipment and the environment.

To ensure maximum impact on every blow, the hammers are designed to match the weight, power and flow performance of the Volvo range of hydraulic excavators. A long, heavy piston transfers energy from the hammer to the work material for high penetration levels and fracture, while the main valve directs the firing sequence and protects the hydraulics from pressure peaks. A top-mounted accumulator boosts the piston in its power stroke and dampens pressure spikes inside the hammer, further protecting the hydraulics from premature wear. Both the host excavator and the operator are protected from reflection and recoil forces by a large rubber buffer, while additional natural rubber side buffers help to cushion the excavator arm and boom from stress and shock loads. Shock loads are evenly distributed within the hammer by heat-torqued tie rods that provide suitable tension.

The hammers are encased in a wear-resistant, severe-duty steel housing that keeps out debris and provides good protection for the power cell and components. The housing also helps to suppress noise levels (the heaviest model in the HB Series is actually fractionally quieter than the lightest), thereby reducing fatigue levels for both operators and those working nearby. Hammer operation is further enhanced by cab-based controls and a Volvo quick coupler for fast attachment changes.

Hammers by their nature are required to work in extremely arduous and aggressive conditions, but the HB Series has been designed to help prevent failures by incorporating features such as the top-mounted supply/return connection to keep the hoses out of harm’s way. Similarly, easily replaceable composite wear plates guide the power cell within the housing, while a standard built-in grease channel accommodates auto-greasing systems and extends the life of the tools and bushings. The bushings themselves and the thrust rings also deliver good retention of lubricants, helping to keep the tool accurately aligned, while a slip-fit feature allows the bushings to be replaced in the field. Multi-ring grooves provide a visual indication of wear and allow for early replacement of worn parts, a task made easier by a rebuildable, abrasion-resistant steel lower boot.

Three tools are offered with the new HB Series of hammers: a moil, chisel and blunt. The moil and chisel are for general use in trenching, rock excavation and demolition, while the blunt is suitable for breaking blasted rock or reducing oversized rock in crusher operations.

Volvo Construction Equipment, Ave du Hunderenveld 10, BE-1082 Brussels, Belgium; tel: +32 482 5111; fax: +32 675 1777

Volvo Construction Equipment, Duxford, Cambridge CB2 4QX; tel: (01223) 251720; fax: (01223) 832799

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