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New DE140/70 pumpset from DXB Pump & Power

DXB Pump & Power DE140/70 pumpset
The new DE140/70 pumpset from DXB Pump & Power

DXB launch new medium-head quarry pump for wash-plant feeding and dewatering applications

DXB Pump & Power, the UK’s only privately-owned British pump manufacturing company, have launched a brand-new dewatering and washplant feed pump for quarries and recycling plants, expanding on the range of pumps originally launched at Hillhead 2022.

The new DE140/70 model is a Stage 5 and electric motor-driven pumpset designed and built in the company’s DXB3 canopy that is used in both 55kW and 105kW configurations and allows the company to offer a range of quarry pumps offering flows up to 850 cubic metres per hour and heads of more than 120m.


This latest design for medium pressures offers a maximum flow in excess of 180 cubic metres per hour at heads of almost 80m, with a best efficiency point (BEP) at 140 cubic metres per hour at 70m, operating at 50kW of power and 14.5 litres of fuel with only 37kg of CO2 per hour.

For quarries, the major benefit of this pump is that whereas others use AdBlue in their SCR exhaust systems to reduce emissions, the DXB pump has only a DPF which is optimized to maintain the engine temperature and reduce the challenges faced by other larger engines in the market.

In addition to the Deutz engine with its 1,000h service schedule, the pumpset comes complete with the revolutionary FuelActive system that reduces the chances of fuel contamination and costly callouts to site, whilst maintaining uptime of plants that often run at 150 tonnes/h.

Simon Ruffles, managing director of DXB Pump & Power and hire company DXB Integrate, said: ‘Many quarries operate their plant some distance away from their supply of water, requiring greater pressures to cover the distance between the lagoon and the plant, yet also need pressure for the nozzle bars, and this pumpset is the smallest we manufacture for such applications.’

He continued: ‘Designing the pumpset without AdBlue for the exhaust systems is a big deal for smaller quarries that perhaps don’t have larger equipment on site using AdBlue. Achieving this performance with only 55kW not only saves on servicing costs but also fuel, which is critical to smaller quarries in the UK.’

Based in Suffolk, DXB Pump & Power is an ISO9000/14000/45000-approved pump manufacturing business whose owners have operated in the UK quarry industry for more than 20 years and worked with all the major quarry companies in the market, especially the independents.

The company’s complete range of dewatering and process pumps includes fresh water and slurry pumpsets in both engine and electric motor configurations that are capable of flows of more than 1,000 cubic metres per hour and heads of more than 240m, while still passing solids in excess of 75mm in size.


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