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Young Plant Sales and Hyundai part company

Hyundai  wheel loader

Companies end 12-year-old heavy-line construction equipment sales agreement in Scotland

SCOTLAND-based dealers Young Plant Sales Ltd and Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe have, by mutual assent, terminated their existing agreement for sales of new Hyundai construction equipment, effective 1 January 2019.

However, Young Plant Sales, a Molson Group company, will continue to provide after-sales support, including handling warranty claims, equipment servicing and parts sales to existing customers, but will no longer be authorized to sell new Hyundai construction equipment.

Young Plant Sales have been Scotland’s Hyundai dealer since 2006, helping to build the brand in the Scottish market and securing sales with high-profile customers throughout the region. Despite this success, the decision has been agreed to part company, allowing Hyundai to appoint a dealer to offer the full product range available from the Korean manufacturer.

The move will also allow Young Plant Sales to focus their sales efforts on the recent addition of Kobelco heavy-line excavators (8 tonnes and above) as well as other established brands such as Kubota, Thwaites and Bomag.  

Hyundai say they are currently in discussions with other dealers to offer the full range of Hyundai construction equipment across Scotland, with an appointment set to be made later this month. 

Tony Reeves, Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe’s regional sales manager (UK and Ireland) commented: ‘We appreciate all the work that Young Plant Sales have done over the last 12 years to promote and sell the Hyundai product throughout Scotland. However, now it is key for us to work with a dealer that is able to sell the full range of Hyundai products and not just the heavy-line range.

‘We are looking forward to finalizing an agreement with the new dealer and announcing this to the market very soon.’

Brian Young, Young Plant Sales’ managing director, added: ‘After being a Hyundai dealer since 2006, we have a large number of customers that run Hyundai machines across Scotland.  It is important for them to know that although our dealership agreement with Hyundai has been terminated, we will continue to support them with any requirements they have to keep their machines running with the same level of care and attention as we always have done.

‘Although this development sees the removal of one brand from our product portfolio, it does allow us to focus on the premium Kobelco product that is proving to be very popular and complements our other market-leading brands.’

Molson Group remain dealers for Hyundai Construction Equipment in sales territories within England and Wales.

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