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School visit to Aggregate Industries quarry

Aggregate Industries working in partnership with students from Newbridge High School

COALVILLE in Leicestershire may well be home to a new generation of sustainable construction workers, engineers and environmental enthusiasts, thanks to a new partnership with Aggregate Industries.

As a business committed to community development and education, Aggregate Industries are working closely with Newbridge High School in a bid to provide students with a hands-on understanding of the modern construction world.

The remit of the partnership is for children to discover the industry, its importance in shaping the world, and the breadth of career opportunities it offers.

As part of the ongoing collaboration, students were recently treated to an exclusive tour of Bardon Hill Quarry, where they learnt about the construction industry, the site’s state-of-the-art operations and the importance of safety.

Prior to this, Aggregate Industries hosted a special ‘Environment Day’ at the school where sustainable resource manager Simon Drury taught students about modern quarrying practice and the important part it has to play in reducing the industry’s environmental impact while delivering vital construction materials across the UK.

In addition, as part of an ongoing digital focus, computing students have visited Aggregate Industries’ head office in Bardon, where they were able to see the large IT department in operation and talk with digital technicians.

The company’s IT team has also been to the school to inspire students to start work developing their own app using software and skills used in the real world.

Mike Gibbons, chief information officer at Aggregate Industries, commented: ‘As a business, we’re not just deeply committed to helping the surrounding community, we want to make a real difference in terms of helping to educate, inspire and showcase the full range of career opportunities available.

‘It has been a pleasure, therefore, to work with the students of Newbridge High School. These young people are our future and that’s why we feel it’s so important for them to understand about modern construction practices and where building materials come from.

‘Often, there is only so much you can learn in a classroom, but by seeing how our operations work first hand they are able to link it back to their learnings, particularly when it comes to geography and sustainability, in a way that really resonates.

‘We’ve got lots more in the pipeline and look forward to working more closely with the school in the coming months.’

Next up, colleagues from different occupations within Aggregate Industries will be visiting the school on World Work Day in June, to advise students on qualifications, training and what it is like to work in the industry, and to host a road safety session.

Judith Warren, a teacher at Newbridge High School, commented: ‘I am very pleased with the impact working with Aggregate Industries has had on students at Newbridge, with the real-world settings and challenges helping to put their knowledge into practice.

‘I am especially pleased that our partnership with the company is to continue year on year and that we can work flexibly, pitching the provision where it is needed to fit curriculum needs and engagement.’

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