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Weir Minerals introduce FusionCast screen media


New screen media range offers maximum efficiency, reduced downtime and low cost-per-tonne performance

WEIR Minerals Europe have launched a complete range of high-quality screen media suitable for use in every type of mining and aggregate operation.

The FusionCast range includes metal, polyurethane and rubber screen media, perforated-metal screen media and electro-welded mesh, as well as solutions for use in dewatering systems. The products are fabricated from the highest-quality materials using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to deliver long life, minimal downtime and low cost-per-tonne performance.

Each panel is custom built to the customer’s exact specifications using advanced production machinery to ensure accurate openings and tight weaves.

Woven wire cloth, which is used by many mining and aggregates operators, can be prone to high wear and require frequent change-outs. As a result, engineered screen media made from materials such as polyurethane and rubber may deliver superior results in terms of efficiency, versatility, unscheduled downtime and longevity.

Reliable and durable, rubber and polyurethane FusionCast screen media deliver the precision of many injection-moulded products but with a long lifetime.

FusionCast polyurethane screen media perform equally well in both dry and humid conditions, while their strength and elasticity make them particularly suitable for screening highly abrasive materials. Available in various strengths and formats, according to the application, they offer a long lifetime and minimum maintenance costs, in addition to being easy to install.

FusionCast metal screen media are manufactured in a wide variety of geometries, with square or slotted meshes, and weaving styles, such as double crimped. All metal meshes have very precise screening capabilities and are manufactured from the highest-quality steel alloy to withstand high abrasion, tension and impact.

These factors, combined with Weir Minerals’ expertise, deliver the appropriate tension, thereby avoiding vibration that can cause the mesh to break.

Also included in the FusionCast range are abrasion-resistant rubber linings, declogging rods, conveyor belt scrapers and other accessories.

Scott Campbell, regional product manager for FusionCast, said: ‘The type of material processed, along with size, weight and abrasiveness, will all affect an operator’s choice of screen media. To help with this, our experienced team can assess a customer’s field issues in order to provide the ideal product for each individual application.’

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