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Weba Chute Systems enter South American market

Pedro Javier Vega

Weba South America give region access to custom-engineered chute systems and solutions 

FOLLOWING increased market demand, South African-based Weba Chute Systems have announced the establishment of Weba South America.

Mark Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems, explains that South America has long been considered a key growth area for the customized chute systems manufacturer.

‘Establishing a new operation, especially in a foreign country, is not something to be taken lightly and it was essential to satisfy ourselves that it would be both viable and sustainable when we entered this market with local representation,’ he said.

South America, not unlike other developing regions, has an increased focus on health and safety requirements within the mining industry and transfer points have been identified as an area that must be addressed.

Weba Chute Systems has a solid reputation across the globe for providing transfer point systems that not only ensure optimum throughput, irrespective of the material being transferred, but also minimize spillage, dust and material degradation.

Weba South America’s first office has been opened in Santiago, Chile and will be managed by an onshore service provider, Rhomberg, with the appointment of Pedro Javier Vega (pictured) in the capacity of technical advisor.

The prime focus for Weba Chute Systems in setting up the facility was to have local representation and to ensure that the local team has a good understanding of the mining industry and its immediate and long terms needs. It is also considered critical to be able to understand the region language and culture.

Mr Baller added that while the operation will be small initially, the intention is to expand as customer needs drive the process.

Local manufacture of the patented Weba Chute Systems will be carried out by carefully selected third-party manufacturing operations, with the design and engineering work being conducted by the experienced Weba Chute Systems team in South Africa.

Mr Baller said that, in the long term, the OEM will invest in the region by developing its own design, engineering and manufacturing facilities.

‘A comprehensive local footprint is our long term goal in Chile, with all the necessary skills and resources based in the region to cater for the customer base,’ he said, adding that the operation in Chile will be used as the springboard into other South American countries such as Argentina, Peru and Brazil.

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