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WCA welcomes CHASM Advanced Materials

NTeC-C nanotube hybrid material
NTeC-C nanotube hybrid material

Carbon nanotube producer becomes Associate Corporate Member of World Cement Association

THE World Cement Association (WCA) has welcomed US-based carbon nanotube materials innovation company CHASM Advanced Materials as an Associate Corporate Member.

CHASM, with their proprietary NTeC-C, a pioneering nanotube hybrid material, have the potential to produce a greener, smarter, scalable, cost-effective concrete.


CHASM’s NTeC-C aims to overcome one of the main challenges to decarbonizing concrete by decreasing the quantity of cement in concrete without hindering its strength and structural reliability.

CHASM have been working in partnership with the University of Texas Arlington Center for Advanced Construction Materials (CACM), to research the development and effectiveness of advanced construction materials.

Specifically, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been proven to demonstrate new capabilities for ‘smart concrete’. When added to cement, NTeC-C can improve its mechanical strength as well as detect stresses and microcracks.

‘As the single most used substance in the world, cement contributes to around 8% of global emissions. We are looking forward to sharing our innovations with the WCA as we work together to cut carbon emissions in the industry,’ said David J. Arthur, chief executive officer of CHASM Advanced Materials.

Ian Riley, chief executive officer of WCA, said: ‘We are excited to have CHASM as an associate member of the WCA. CHASM’s pioneering technology has the potential to produce cost-effective, low-carbon concrete and is a new direction in the development of sustainable construction materials.’


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