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Vision Techniques introduce TurnAware

VT TurnAware cyclist-detection system

New cyclist-detection system that uses video analytics instead of ultrasonic technology

VISION Techniques will be showing their new cyclist-detection system, VT TurnAware, which is said to be the only cyclist safety system in the waste industry to use video analytics instead of ultrasonics, thereby preventing annoying ‘false alarming’.

The innovative new system will be demonstrated using headsets that project a 360° immersive video of a busy urban environment, showing visitors how the company’s TurnSafe range of products – including VT TurnAware – make inner city driving safer.


As the next evolution in cyclist-detection systems, VT TurnAware is a camera and monitor system that can detect approaching dangers. Developed specifically for when drivers need to make left or right turns, the blind-spot camera system uses light and motion sensors to detect cyclists moving towards the vehicle and warns the driver of their approach.

Trying to prevent accidents involving left turns with cyclists and other vulnerable road users requires an effective way of detecting any approaching hazard before the driver makes any potentially dangerous manoeuvre.

Systems such side-mounted ultrasonic sensors often detect road furniture by mistake and produce false alarms, annoying the driver and effectively nullifying any true detection of an approaching danger.

VT TurnAware solves this problem by using light, speed and movement sensors to determine whether a hazard is approaching the vehicle, while recognizing and ignoring any other objects moving away from the vehicle.

The driver is then warned with an audible alarm from the monitor and any movement is highlighted on the screen in a green border. The VT TurnAware system can also integrate with any DVR system so that detected objects trigger a tagged recording for later review.

When stopped at a crossing or at traffic lights, the system is designed to prevent accidents with cyclists approaching blind spots that the driver cannot see. However, when the vehicle is in motion, the system becomes a lane deviation device, warning the driver if they cross any road markings without indicating.

Stand: 5Y130–ZZ13


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