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Viridis seeks comments on new protocols for alternative materials


"VIRIDIS, the sustainability and waste-management arm of the Transport Research Foundation, has prepared a draft set of new protocols for the use of alternative materials in construction. The protocols have been developed with a grant from the RMC Environment Fund through the landfill tax credit scheme, with Tarmac Ltd providing third party funding."

"The project is supported by a core advisory group including the funders, the Highways Agency, Quarry Products Association, National House Building Council, County Surveyors Society and the Environment Agency, as well as a consultee group which includes regional representatives and specialists."

"The draft protocols are in the form of a series of linked flow charts which take the user through the questions that must be addressed before a material can be used in any given application. Where a material cannot be used, measures that need to be taken to allow its use are given or alternative uses suggested."

"David Neave, divisional managing director of RMC Aggregates (UK) Ltd, said: ‘The protocols will be particularly useful to material producers and non-specialists in helping to negotiate the complex requirements that have to met before alternative materials can be used in construction. This will speed up the process of gaining approvals and increase the use of these materials, thereby helping achieve the goals of sustainable construction.’"

"The draft protocols can be inspected on the Viridis website (address below) and will be available for comment until the middle of October, after which they will be finalized in the light of comments received. Viridis hopes that all stakeholders in construction will provide comments so that the final version will be acceptable to all sectors."

"The final protocols and an accompanying report on specifications for alternative materials, existing research, and gaps in current knowledge will be made available on the Viridis website by the end of December 2002."


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