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Unique quarry restoration solution at Bardon Hill

RopeCon at Bardon Hill Quarry

Doppelmayr Transport Technology installing unique RopeCon system for movement of overburden

AGGREGATE Industries have recently developed a new quarry extension at Bardon Hill Quarry, in Leicestershire – one of the UK’s oldest continuously operated quarries.

In order to sustain quarrying activities at this strategically important site, a separate material-handling system is required to extract, process and transport overburden for emplacement within the existing quarry as part of its restoration.

Austrian material transport specialists Doppelmayr Transport Technology have worked closely with Aggregate Industries to develop a unique solution that will significantly reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact compared with road haulage or the footprint associated with a conventional surface conveyor system.

Doppelmayr’s proven RopeCon system is a combination of ropeway technology and conventional conveying technology. Track ropes will span 850m across the entire pit, upon which the belt which transports the overburden will travel. The system includes a reversable second belt that will allow simultaneous conveying and emplacement activities.

During the life of the operation, the RopeCon track ropes will be retensioned periodically to allow the system to be lifted above the placed material. This ability to control the drop height will minimize the impact from noise and dust during operation of the system.

Currently under construction, the RopeCon system will be the first such installation in the UK and will transport Bardon Hill’s overburden at rates of up to 1,000 tonnes/h.

Technical details:

Section 1
Length: 470 / 494m
Difference in elevation: –145 / –55m
Conveying capacity: 1,000 tonnes/h
Speed: 3.3m/s
Motor rating continuous: –371 / –74kW

Section 2
Length: 100m
Difference in elevation: 0 / 4.5m
Conveying capacity: 1,000 tonnes/h
Speed: 2.6m/s
Motor rating continuous: 7 / 35kW

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