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Company taking positive steps to mitigate carbon footprint and reduce environmental impact

CONSTRUCTION companies are increasingly considering the environmental impact of their operations and this includes their machinery choices. Legislation has driven the development of clean engines – in the off-highway sector new machines must now be built with Stage V low-emission engines, and battery power is also now becoming more prominent as a power source for smaller plant and equipment. But what about tyres?

Tyre Boss are the UK distributors of TY cushion solid tyres and Techking OTR tyres. Owned and run by Wayne and Vick Collins, the specialist tyre suppliers are, like their counterparts in the sector, actively considering ways to mitigate their own carbon footprint.


According to Tyre Boss, it is a fact that cushion solid tyres create less CO2 simply due to the fact that they last two to three times longer than normal OTR tyres; because of their durability, fewer are produced – minimizing carbon used in production, transportation, and installation. They also have a very low rolling resistance which, in turn, results in less fuel use than standard tyres – lowering the carbon impact still further.  

One climate-positive action the company has already taken is to sign up to (more:trees) – a scheme that organizes the planting of a tree for every order received by Tyre Boss, to offset CO2. The scheme ties up with tree-planting partners across the world who work with local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty. Planting trees helps sequester harmful emissions while providing co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation, and biodiversity.

Vick Collins of Tyre Boss acknowledges that the company cannot just stop there if it is to become carbon neutral going forwards. ‘We are keeping an eye on how on electric and hydrogen might be able to help us in the future, particularly with the plant and transport fleet,’ he said.

‘In the meantime, we are making small changes, and this includes ensuring used tyres are recycled for other uses – such as playground surfaces – and not sent to landfill. We minimize our use of single-use plastics and strive to create as little waste as possible. If lots of companies take small actions, then it will combine to make a big difference.’


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