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Transport Support launch HVDS Mk2

Overhead high-voltage cable detection system

New overhead high-voltage cable detection system incorporating Transport Support’s latest TSafe technology

TRANSPORT Support have launched a new version of their high-voltage overhead cable-detection system incorporating the latest detection technology from the company’s TSafe vehicle safety system.

The HVDS Mk2 is said to offer improved sensitivity, greater interference rejection, a wide input voltage range and much more sensitive range settings, and like the company’s TSafe system, the new device features a signal strength meter to give the operator an indication of proximity to a detected overhead power line.

Designed to prevent vehicles and machinery of variable height from coming into contact with high-voltage overhead power lines, the TS HVDS Mk2 consists of a cab-mounted detection antenna and an in-cab-audio/visual warning unit. The system can sense the presence of overhead power cables from up to 100m away, warning the operator of potential danger.

Supplied as a standalone unit (11–32V) or as part of an integrated Transport Support vehicle safety system, the TS HVDS Mk2 can easily be fitted to tipper vehicles, excavators, telehandlers, cranes, access platforms etc.

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