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Training courses


"Noria UK Ltd, an independent oil analysis and lubrication training and consultancy firm, have launched a new range of online training courses."

"More than 10 affordable, flexible and easy-to-use online courses are available, aimed at helping engineers and technicians develop the necessary skills. The courses are also geared towards users attaining an international accreditation in machinery lubrication and oil analysis. Examples of the courses available include: ‘contamination control and monitoring’, ‘profit-centred plant lubrication’, and ‘oil sampling best practices’."

The courses encompass ‘how to’ results-based training and skill-building courses to meet the needs of today’s industry professionals. Courses vary in price and duration with the estimated time for completion ranging from 40min to 13h.

"Noria’s courses are built around the agenda for the International Council for Machinery Lubrication examination structure, so companies can offer their maintenance staff an opportunity to gain further qualifications in their personal development."

The flexible online format is designed to allow delegates to learn at their own pace. Participants can repeat a course as many times as they like during the year-long subscription period and receive a printable certificate on completion of the course.

"The courses require no additional software and will run on PC, MAC or UNIX systems with an Internet connection."


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