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To paddle or not to paddle


Hycontrol’s new range of paddle level switches use force on a paddle to detect the level of solids products.

"The RP30 range incorporates a 360° flexible hinge at the top of the drive shaft to the paddle blades. This avoids any damage by allowing the drive shaft to move sideways when solids fall into a silo and settle, causing side loads on the shaft."

"The top of the shaft passes through triple-shaft sealing rings to ensure that fine powder cannot penetrate into the head of the instrument, which contains the motor-drive and torque-switch assembly. When the slowly rotating paddles meet any resistance from the measured product, the adjustable torque switch detects this and switches off the power to the motor and initiates a control signal. When the product level falls away from the blades the spring-loaded torque switch makes contact again and the paddles begin to slowly rotate."

"The level switches in the RP30 range can be installed from the top or side of the tank or silo. Hazardous-area-certified and high-temperature models are also available, along with a low-cost version (RP10) for simple applications."


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