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Three more Rokbak RA40s in Canada

One of FT Aggregates’ new Rokbak RA40 articulated haulers
One of FT Aggregates’ new Rokbak RA40 articulated haulers

Rokbak approval in Alberta as FT Aggregates increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption

THREE Rokbak RA40 articulated haulers are moving thousands of tonnes of material a day for a large sand and gravel producer east of Edmonton, Alberta, with increased productivity and reduced fuel consumption being highlighted since the trucks’ arrival on site.

Canadian earthworks specialists FT Aggregates produce around 1 million tonnes of sand and gravel every year and each of the company’s trucks moves more than 100 loads and 5,000+ tonnes of material to crushers and screens every day.


An expansive sand and gravel production operation across Alberta led to FT Aggregates increasing their equipment fleet in late 2022. Consultation with independent heavy equipment dealers Headwater Equipment saw the purchase of three Rokbak ADTs.

The three RA40s arrived on site at ‘Pit 23’, south of the city of Camrose, in spring 2023 and were immediately put into production. Excavators load overburden into the RA40’s 38-tonne all-welded body. Each RA40 at Pit 23 hauls the overburden and sand and gravel material for production. Fabricated from high-hardness 1,000Mpa yield strength steel, a dual-slope tailchute eases the material ejection from the RA40 body, which is painted in the Rokbak sand-coloured aesthetic.

‘First of all, we love the colour and design of the Rokbak dump trucks,’ said FT Aggregates’ president, Shane Smith. ‘Since the RA40s came on to site, the operator response has been nothing but glowing.

‘There’s obviously the fuel-efficiency aspect of the trucks which is very much appreciated and is saving us money, but the auto-lube system has also been praised along with the visibility and the comfort of the cab, and, as we know, a smooth ride equates to higher productivity.

‘Together with the after-sales support we have received, when the time comes for us to increase our hauler fleet, Rokbak will certainly be at the top of the list.’

The fully automatic RA40 transmission provides smooth, efficient gear shifting allowing reduced fuel consumption and increased operator comfort – even under the most challenging conditions. The RA40 cab has pressurized capabilities and a HVAC and air-flow system, offering more control and comfort for operators.

Other key performance features of the RA40 include superior traction and an effective power-to-weight ratio, which ensures material is moved as quickly as possible in all conditions, whilst Rokbak’s fuel-efficient drivetrain delivers powerful performance and meets worldwide emission standards with low cost of operation and low environmental impact.

Reducing operational costs even further, as well as enhancing safety, are the force-cooled multi-disc brakes. Supported by an electronically activated exhaust brake and a six-stage modulating transmission retarder, the RA40 is said to benefit from longer brake component lifecycles. The RA40s auto-lube system ensures everything is greased at the right times, saving operation time and providing safe maintenance.

FT Aggregates have six pits in operation across the province of Alberta, with most material produced is sold into south-eastern Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city.

The company does all its own crushing and screening, with 18 employees at Pit 23 for year-round operation. Pit 23 became operational in spring 2014 and FT Aggregates have resources at the pit to last another 10 to 15 years. That means the trucks could be expected to haul approximately 7.8 million loads and 39 million tonnes of overburden.

The RA40s were purchased from Headwater Equipment with extended warranty and a full maintenance package that covers the units for the first 6,500h of operation. Headwater Equipment are the authorised Rokbak articulated hauler dealers for the province of Alberta and have been providing FT Aggregates with heavy construction equipment via direct sales, rentals, service and parts since 2020.

Providing after-sales and services, Headwater Equipment will perform all the scheduled maintenance on these units free of charge as part of the package, keeping the cost of ownership to a minimum.

‘It’s great to be able to marry our partnerships with Rokbak and FT Aggregates,’ said Scott Letkeman, Headwater Equipment sales manager. ‘We’ve been pioneering the Rokbak brand in Canada ever since becoming the first to acquire RA40s in Alberta. The Rokbak trucks are robust, reliable and hardworking.’

The success of the three RA40s for FT Aggregates demonstrates the headway Rokbak are making in Canada. In the same prairie province, 500km south of Camrose, another three RA40s are currently in operation moving huge amounts of aggregates, stone, and rock.

‘The North American market is very strong for Rokbak,’ said Rokbak regional sales manager Greg Gerbus. ‘Endorsements from established Canadian companies such as FT Aggregates is helping our reputation grow further and we look forward to seeing even more of our units on sites in the region in the near future.’


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