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Terex Trucks introduce updated TA300

Terex TA300 dumptruck

Upgraded articulated hauler offers improvements in fuel efficiency, performance, productivity and operator comfort

THE TA300 articulated hauler from Terex Trucks has been updated with a new transmission, leading to improvements in fuel efficiency, performance, productivity and operator comfort.

The 28-tonne (30-ton) machine will now incorporate the latest EP320 transmission from ZF as standard, resulting in a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency, as well as enhanced performance and productivity, when compared with the previous model working in the same application.

The new transmission comes with eight forward gears and four reverse gears, higher overall gear ratio spread, equal ratio steps between gears and optimized gear shifting with partial load shifts. All of this helps to ensure smoother gear shifting and, thereby, higher levels of operator comfort.

The TA300 is also equipped with true independent front suspension as standard, further enhancing operator comfort and ensuring optimum traction control and maximum productivity in the most challenging of conditions.

In addition, the hauler’s maximum speed has increased to 55km/h (34 miles/h), up from 50 km/h (31 miles/h), allowing customers to achieve faster cycle times and lower cost per tonne.

Other operational features include automatic shifting with manual override, an integral hydraulic retarder and a hydraulic powershift longitudinal differential lock, which together help to ensure safe and productive operation, as well as reduced fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumption on job sites.

Moreover, the TA300 also now comes with long-life transmission fluid, increasing the length of time between oil maintenance intervals from 1,000h to 4,000h. The updated TA300 will initially be available from August 2018 in the higher regulated emissions markets of Europe and North America.

‘Introducing the new transmission to the TA300 articulated hauler continues Terex Trucks’ commitment to install product performance and productivity improvements that lead to lower operational costs for our customers,’ said Scott Pollock, product manager at Terex Trucks.

‘Developing and testing the new EP320 transmission for the TA300 was a collaborative effort between Terex Trucks and ZF. The new transmission has been calibrated specifically for the TA300 and rigorously tested for two years internally and by operators on real job sites, working in a variety of conditions.

‘Operators have had nothing but praise for the upgraded machine. Among some of the most commonly cited benefits are the improved fuel efficiency and performance, as well as the smoother gear shift quality.’

Terex Trucks say the TA300 is a proven performer on large-scale construction projects as well as in quarries and on infrastructure developments. The hauler’s fuel-efficient Scania DC9 engine meets the requirements of EU Stage 4/Tier 4 Final emissions legislation without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Together with the new fuel-efficient ZF EP320 transmission, this means significantly reduced fuel consumption and operational costs.

The machine has fully enclosed, oil-cooled, multi-disc brakes on all six wheels. These are supported by both the engine brake and the transmission retarder, giving the operator maximum control and increasing safety and stability while providing a low cost of operation.

In addition, the pressurized cab and high-performance HVAC system help ensure high levels of operator comfort and productivity, whilst ground-level test points combined with a fully tilting cab and electronically raised hood ensure ease of service and reduced downtime.

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