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Tarmac take top spot in ready-mixed concrete

DURING the last 12 months, Tarmac have established themselves as the largest ready-mixed concrete company in the country, toppling previous market leaders CEMEX (and before them RMC) from the position they had held since the 1930s.

Although Tarmac strengthened their own position during 2008, CEMEX’s disposal of a number of plants, particularly to Aggregate Industries, their minority partner in plants in the South West, is understood to be the main reason for the change at the top.

However, although Tarmac are now the leading supplier with an estimated market share of just over 20%, CEMEX continue to operate the most plants in the country and are positioned just below the 20% threshold, with Hanson close behind in third place.


These are some of the conclusions of BDS Marketing Research Ltd’s latest annual survey of the ready-mixed concrete industry in Great Britain, which estimates the outputs and market shares of all ready-mixed concrete companies in the country.

According to the report, CEMEX continue as the largest supplier in the South East, East Anglia, northern regions and Wales, while Tarmac are the leaders in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and the North West.

Although some smaller companies have ceased production in the last 12 months, BDS say they have identified a total of around 250 companies that continue to supply truck-mixed concrete, while a further 150 companies supply concrete in volumetric lorries.

Despite the recession, a number of new companies have also entered the market recently, including Bristol and Bath Concrete, Bradford & Son and North West Concrete. In addition, BDS have identified eight current consents for new concrete plants due to be built shortly, subject to market conditions.

As well providing data on company volumes and shares, the report provides further information on smaller companies in the sector and also reviews the overall market and provides a forecast until 2010.

For further details of the BDS report entitled: ‘Estimated outputs and market shares of ready-mixed concrete companies in Great Britain’, contact BDS Marketing.



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