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Tarmac take on first CTP recruit

Simon Panter

Company supporting appointment of ex-service personnel through Career Transition Partnership

TARMAC have hired their first new starter through their involvement with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), which supports ex-military personnel with new careers.

Simon Panter, formerly an army warrant officer, has joined the business as a site manager at Finningley plant, near Doncaster.

CTP is a partnership between the Ministry of Defence and global career development specialists Right Management Ltd.

The CTP team helps people leaving the armed forces to find new civilian careers and supports employers in recruiting candidates best suited to their vacancies.

Tarmac have been working with the CTP to identify opportunities across the UK and post jobs on the organization’s website.

Simon Panter said: ‘I applied for this role through the CTP, because there seemed to be a lot of skills I could use from my previous experience in the forces.

‘Prioritizing health and safety and making sure we carry out processes and policy as efficiently as possible are two of the main key skills in both jobs I’ve had.

‘The work between CTP and Tarmac is fantastic, and it will hopefully bring in more talent to the business. I’m really excited to get some more training done and continue to progress within the business.’

Mr Panter (pictured) was previously a warrant officer with 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment and was attached to the Recruiting Group for his last post as a recruiting warrant officer at the Army Careers Centre, Doncaster.

He was hired by Mark Jones, now an operations manager for Tarmac and formerly a platoon sergeant with 1st Battalion The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment.

Mr Jones commented: ‘I’m very pleased that Simon’s joined the business, particularly off the back of the CTP programme, which I can see has great value from my own experience of moving out of the forces and looking for work.

‘The transition to a civilian career is made smoother by the cultural similarities between the military and Tarmac, in terms of our focus on safety and following process and procedures efficiently and effectively.

‘I’m looking forward to working with Simon and hopefully more ex-forces personnel in the future, as they have many transferable skills that are very valuable to our business.’

Tarmac will attend a number of CTP careers events throughout the coming months, where ex-forces personnel already working with the company will talk about their own career transition and experiences within the construction sector.

Tarmac and the CTP are also arranging site visits for potential recruits so they can see Tarmac’s business first hand, and gain a clear impression of the work environment and roles on offer.

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