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Tarmac put customers first with digital transformation

Tarmac Connect programme

Launch of Connect programme to enhance customer experience through innovative technology

TARMAC have launched a new drive to enhance customer experience through innovative technology and streamlined business processes that capitalize on the expertise of their people.

The Tarmac Connect programme includes digital transformations such as Connect Assure, an intelligent mobile monitoring system that actively manages the consistency of ready-mixed concrete being transported to site. Tarmac say they are first business in the UK to use this technology.

As part of its commitment to delivering efficiency for customers, the business has also completed a nationwide roll-out of a new digital delivery system – ePOD. This allows customers to track their deliveries in real time and instantly receive electronic proof of delivery.

Martin Riley, senior vice-president at Tarmac, said: ‘When it comes to digitally enabled services, construction has been playing catch-up with other sectors for too long. Our products may be vastly different, but we need to offer the same transparent, efficient service as consumer-orientated brands.

‘The Tarmac Connect programme is helping us to deliver a stand-out experience by empowering our customers to make informed decisions and unlocking efficiencies during the ordering and delivery process. We want customers to choose Tarmac time and time again, not only for the quality of our products but for our excellent customer service.’

Tarmac have also restructured their regional customer service teams to become multi-functional, bringing their sales, ordering and distribution expertise together so that customer needs can be met more quickly and easily.

The business is rolling out new Connect Service Cloud technology to these teams too. It automatically recognizes a repeat customer’s number and provides their details and order history before the phone has been picked up.

In addition, a new, mobile-friendly customer portal will be launched later this year as part of Tarmac’s continuous improvement programme.

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