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Tarmac are top of the blocks

ACCORDING to a recent report entitled 'Estimated outputs and market shares of concrete block companies in Great Britain (1999)', published by BDS Marketing & Research, Hanson are believed to be the largest manufacturers of aggregate blocks in Great Britain, although if aircrete blocks are included, Tarmac become the largest company with a share estimated at over 13%. And with Tilcon block plants now combined with Tarmac, the consolidated company will have a share of over 16%.

The second largest company overall is thought to be H+H Celcon, followed by Marley, RMC and Hanson. These top five firms are believed to represent 55% of the market, while the top 10 companies have an industry share of 75% (compared with around 70% when this report was first published in 1994).

The total volume of blocks produced in 1999 increased by 7% over the previous year, making 1999 the best year for block production during the 1990s. BDS expect some further growth this year before a slight decline in 2001 and 2002.


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