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Tarmac and Hanson close in on CEMEX

BOTH Tarmac and Hanson are increasing their share of the UK ready-mixed concrete market, while CEMEX are seeing their share fall. BDS Marketing Research expect that CEMEX (previously RMC) will soon no longer be the largest concrete company in the country, a position they have probably held since the 1930s.

At present, CEMEX continue to be the largest suppliers in the South East and eastern England, Hanson are the largest producers in western England and Wales, and Tarmac’s main strengths are in northern England and Scotland. Together, these three leading companies deliver more than 60% of all ready-mixed concrete in Great Britain.

During the first half of 2005 the market for ready-mixed concrete was ahead of the previous year but demand fell in the second half, with 2005 volumes as a whole similar to 2004. BDS forecast a further small decline in the market this year, however prospects are then expected to improve as the industry gears up for Olympic-related construction projects, with the consultancy forecasting growth in both 2007 and 2008.


A review of the outputs and shares of the whole industry is contained in BDS’s annual survey entitled: ‘Estimated market shares of ready-mixed concrete companies’. For further details of the report contact BDS Marketing.




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