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Sykes Pumps launch Silt Away

Sykes Pumps launch Silt Away

Pumping specialist introduces convenient new system for cost-effective environmental compliance

SYKES Pumps have developed an innovative solution to allow effective and affordable separation of suspended solids and sediment from groundwater, thereby delivering an environmentally friendly and convenient method of reducing levels of silt discharged into watercourses during construction, civil engineering and utilities projects.

According to the company, the new Sykes Silt Away can reduce the risk of large fines and potential site shutdowns, in addition to boosting best practice environmental compliance and protecting watercourses and wildlife.


Designed by Sykes Pumps’ in-house team of experts in response to increasingly stringent environmental legislation and client demand for cleaner solutions, the Silt Away can be connected quickly and easily to a 6in Sykes pump using hoses, with low-level inlet and outlet connections for safe, easy use.

Once the pump is connected to the robust steel unit, the water passes through the Silt Away filters via a lamella platebox, allowing any solids to drop to the bottom of the filter chamber and into a discharge hopper.

With the silt separated, the water can be tested, using conveniently located outflow sampling points, prior to discharge. For applications where there is a substantial issue with suspended solids, two units can be connected in series to allow enhanced filtering prior to discharge.

The large-capacity unit is suitable even for applications where a high flow rate is required, and the hinged discharge chamber can easily be opened and manually emptied for disposal of the removed solids without taking the unit offline, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and zero interruption to the pumping operation.

Chris Graham, sales director of Sykes Pumps, commented: ‘Failure to remove suspended solids and sediment when pumping water from ground sources not only poses a significant threat to watercourses and wildlife, it can potentially block sewers and drains, increasing the risk of flooding.

‘Alongside contractors’ environmental responsibilities are the commercial issues surrounding compliance. Failure to remove suspended solids can lead to heavy fines, reputational damage and even potential site shutdowns.

‘The Sykes Silt Away provides a simple, cost-effective and reliable solution to this critical requirement, and can be hired from any of our depots nationwide in combination with any of our 6in pumps, with safe and convenient delivery to site and rapid set-up.’


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