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Sykes Pumps introduce new hydraulic submersibles

Sykes Hydraset pump

Hire firm invests in new fleet of hydraulic submersible pumps for wide range of uses, including quarrying

HIRE specialists Sykes Pumps have invested in a new fleet of hydraulic submersible pumps, providing a robust solution for a range of sewage and drainage applications, including those in hazardous environments.

For use in quarrying, construction, marine, industrial, agricultural and waste-water projects, the new Sykes Hydraset range comprises 100mm and 150mm models designed to offer maximum versatility by providing either high flows and low heads or low flows and high heads. The pumps are suitable for heads of up to 40m and offer maximum flow rates of up to 95 litres/s.


Pump ends are constructed using lightweight aluminium for easier lifting and the units feature electric start, diesel-driven hydraulic 35hp power-packs, making them suitable for locations where electrical power is not available. The robust design makes the new range suitable for even the most hazardous environments, with high-pressure motors and replaceable stainless steel wear plates fitted as standard.

Suitable for continuous dry running, the self-priming pumps are fully protected by an automatic shutdown, ensuring zero risk of overload should the pump become blocked. Sykes Pumps can supply screw impeller versions which provide low emulsification characteristics thanks to low velocities and low shear forces, ensuring a non-clogging solution. Sewage and drainer pump-end options are available.

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explained: ‘Applications requiring the pumping of heavy sludge and abrasive liquids need a pump that is robust enough to cope with challenging conditions and off-grid locations. These submersibles are ideal for sewage and drainage applications where the depth of liquid is too great for a standard suction pump, and have been added to our range to increase the options available to our customers.’

Compatible with both synthetic biodegradable oil and vegetable oil, the new hydraulic submersibles significantly reduce the environmental risk associated with submersibles and incorporate a large return filter that captures any contaminants. The fuel tank, which has a 24h running capacity, features flushing panels and a drain facility together with safety features that include full engine protection and hydraulic shut-off due to oil loss.

Mr Graham continued: ‘Because these hydraulic submersible pumps are often used in remote and inaccessible locations, fuel economy, low maintenance, efficiency and service life are all important considerations. The new Sykes Hydraset range will ensure a safe, flexible and hard-wearing solution capable of addressing exacting site requirements across a broad spectrum of sectors.’


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