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Success for Hewitt Robins in New Zealand

Two of the Hewitt Robins replacement main screens at Holcim's Hastings Quarry in New Zealand Two of the Hewitt Robins replacement main screens at Holcim's Hastings Quarry in New Zealand

Company supplies six made-to-measure screens for Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd’s Hastings Quarry

HASTINGS Quarry has a long history of servicing and supplying the Hawkes Bay regional market with quality aggregate products. The site has been operating since the late 1970s and supplies the full range of quarry products to all relevant technical standards and/or specific customer specifications.

In April 2020, during the Covid pandemic, Hewitt Robins were contacted by Holcim to see if they could assist with several old vibrating screens that were still in operation but beyond repair. After an initial online Teams meeting, Hastings Quarry supplied sketches of the existing vibrating screens along with critical dimensions and application information, so that Hewitt Robins could prepare a proposal for customized replacement equipment. Bottlenecks and issues with the existing machines were discussed in detail so that these could be designed out in the proposed solution.


Hewitt Robins put together a proposal for made-to-measure screens incorporating Tema Isenmann’s polyurethane WS85 modular system, to replace the traditional woven-wire decks used at the Hastings Quarry. The company was awarded the contract and initially supplied three made-to-measure inclined screens in 2021.

These units comprised a 1.8m x 5.0m 201-VS1 single-deck scalping screen, to handle 200 tonnes/h of –100mm greywacke, scalping at 26mm; a 1.8m x 5.0m 202-VS1 triple-deck washing screen to handle 130 tonnes/h of –26mm, screening at 11mm on the top deck, 6mm on the middle deck and 4mm on the bottom deck; and a 1.25m x 3.0m VS3 double-deck screen and to handle around 100 tonnes/h of –26mm greywacke, washing at 6mm on the top deck and 4mm on the bottom deck.

All three screens were of single-shaft, oil-lubricated design and came complete with springs, spray bars, liners, rubber cross-member protection, V-belt drives and motors. Hewitt Robins managed to increase the efficiency and capacity of the screens within their original footprint by setting them up to suit the application and increasing the travel speed of the material. The three screens were fully factory tested in the workshop before being shipped to Napier Port in New Zealand for subsequent installation by Innovate Engineering Solutions Ltd.

Owing to the success of these three main screens at Hastings Quarry, in 2022 Hewitt Robins were awarded the contract to replace the site’s existing horizontal screens. Each designed to handle around 50 tonnes/h, these comprised three 1.2m x 2.4m units, all supplied on pre-assembled screen frames for easy installation. Once again, all three machines were fitted with Tema Isenmann WS85 modules and all came complete with support frames, rubber cross-member protection and screen support frames.

Quarry manager Simon Hird, who was aware of Hewitt Robins from time spent in the UK, commented: ‘We started discussions with Hewitt Robins back in 2020 to try to help us with our screening problems at Hastings Quarry. The existing screening equipment was really old, it was difficult to obtain spare parts, and it was badly in need of replacement.

‘Hewitt Robins’ made-to-measure solutions made the installation of the new screens really easy, so the job was a success from start to finish. With the new screens we have managed to achieve massive efficiency gains and total production has increased by more than 25%. Also, with the added wear protection and polyurethane decks on the screens, maintenance can be carried out quickly and safely. It was a pleasure working with Hewitt Robins, who not only supplied us with more modern, reliable screens, but also improved their set-up, increasing throughput and efficiency on the same footprint.’

Dan Stevenson, sales director at Hewitt Robins, commented: ‘We were first contacted by Simon at Holcim in 2020. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to visit site to carry out a full survey; however, the online meetings were very successful and really helped shape the project. Over the past two years, we have managed to export six replacement screens to Holcim in New Zealand, which are all working well.

‘This proves that with some basic information from our customers, we can supply customized, made-to-measure replacement equipment in a timely manner. We have also proven that with the correct application information, we can design machines to suit a quarry’s needs and increase capacity and efficiency using the same footprint. This is another project which highlights Hewitt Robins’ knowledge, flexibility, and ability to respond to customers' problems. We continue to be the number one vibrating equipment supplier in Europe, and this project highlights Hewitt Robins’ capabilities worldwide.’


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