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Sterling SPP win UK Coal order


"Sterling SPP have gained an order from UK Coal for two additional Autoprime XH150 extra-high-head, heavy-duty pump sets for dewatering duties at the Maidens Hall opencast site in Northumberland. This follows the success of the first XH150 which was installed in 2001."

"The pumps are used to remove water that collects at the base of the excavation after seeping through the ground along the coal seams or after heavy rain. As production progresses the excavation is becoming deeper and so the water has to be pumped to ever increasing heights. To maintain safe working conditions and to allow mining to continue, the water is pumped out of the mine into a drainage system that takes it to a water-treatment area before being discharged off site."

"The new XH150 pump sets are skid-mounted to UK Coal’s specification. They are powered by the latest emissions-compliant Caterpillar C12 engines and feature a range of refinements to meet the customer’s requirements. Capable of handling a range of sludge, slurry and solids up to 62mm, the robust pumps can generate a head of 160m and remove water at up to 450m3/h. They are self-priming with a suction lift capability of 9m and can safely run dry for extended periods."

"The Maidens Hall site originally had a dewatering system with a pumping head of 90m. The first Autoprime XH150 pump set is now pumping up to 105m. With plans to excavate to a depth of 117m, UK coal decided to invest in additional units to ensure that future excavation schedules run smoothly."


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