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SSAB introduce Duroxite 200 overlay plate

Duroxite 200 overlay plate

New wear material from Swedish Steel helps prevent severe sliding wear in mining and quarrying applications

ACCORDING to Swedish Steel (SSAB), their new Duroxite 200 overlay plate helps save money and improves productivity in a wide range of applications through higher output and less maintenance.

With its high proportion of extremely hard, multiple alloy complex carbides deposited on a mild steel backing plate, Duroxite 200 is said to last much longer than common chromium carbide overlay (CCO) products.


In particular, Duroxite 200 is suitable for preventing sliding wear in industries such as quarrying, mining, cement, and recycling, as well as other areas where abrasive materials require the use of extremely hard surfaces.

‘The harder and sharper the material you process, the more you will appreciate Duroxite 200,’ said Jesper Gordon, director of product development at SSAB. ‘If your current wear material doesn’t give the service life you are looking for, this complex carbide overlay won’t let you down.’

Duroxite 200 overlay plate is delivered with an overlay thickness that is guaranteed to within ±10%. This is consistent throughout the material and between individual plates. According to SSAB, the customer always receives the overlay thickness stated in the specifications.

The wear properties of Duroxite 200 are also guaranteed throughout the overlay down to 75% of the overlay thickness. The remaining 25% of overlay is the transition layer necessary to maintain good bonding to the backing plate.

SSAB say using Duroxite 200 instead of other CCO products in sliding wear applications will result in a much longer service life. Depending on the abrasive material, the relative service life can be increased three to four times and even more in some cases. These numbers have been confirmed by calculations with SSAB’s WearCalc software.

Duroxite 200 is said to be a good choice for any severe sliding wear application, particularly in temperatures above 350°C. Typical applications include cement furnace components, sinter plant parts, and coal and cement pulverizer rolls.

SSAB are the only supplier to guarantee a maximum weight loss for overlay products according to the ASTM G65-Procedure A test. With a maximum weight loss of 0.12g, Duroxite 200 meets the standards set by the oil sand industry. Carbide hardness is 2,500–3,000HK, the volume fraction of primary carbides is 30–50% and bulk hardness is 60–65HRC.

Duroxite 200 is available through Hardox Wearparts, SSAB’s global network of wear service centers.


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