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Spot-on depth control

Spectra Precision have introduced XDS, a new display system designed to control fixed-depth excavation. The vertical position of the machine's bucket is constantly relayed to the operator using visual and acoustic signals.

Designed with safety, productivity and profitability in mind, Spectra Precision say the XDS is user friendly and only a limited amount of operator training is required. Programming depth or slope data into the in-cab control unit is quick and simple.

The system has various operating modes including the facility to pre-set a required depth, allowing excavation until that depth is displayed. Alternatively, the operator can locate the bucket at a given point first and then set that reference into the control unit and continue to work to it. A 'keep-and-save' option allows a depth reference to be carried from one work area to another so that depth control can be maintained when excavating in locations with differing heights. A slope reference may also be pre-set.

An optional boom-mounted laser eye receiver is available to allow the excavator to work with a rotating laser plane when the excavation level must be related to an absolute site reference. The system simply requires the boom to pass through the laser beam to register the reference.

Suitable for both excavators and backhoes, the system works by measuring the angle of the boom elements relative to a gravity reference. There are three shock-proofed angle sensors, one on the boom, one on the dipper arm and the other, which is waterproof, on the bucket. In-cab information can be viewed on both a main and a remote display unit. A buzzer is available for situations where the operator is unable to take his eyes off the job. Both displays show when excavating is on target position as well as when it is lower or higher than the programmed reference. The remote unit can be easily repositioned when operators change over.

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