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Siltbuster launch integrated chemical dosing system

Siltbuster iCDS

New compact and cost-effective system expands already extensive range of water-treatment solutions 

SILTBUSTER, specialists in water treatment, have launched an integrated chemical dosing system (iCDS) to sit alongside their already extensive range of treatment solutions. The new product, developed and manufactured in the UK, has been designed for sites that require a cost-effective and compact solution and retains many of the benefits associated with Siltbuster’s larger containerized dosing systems.

The new chemical dosing system is built for rapid site deployment and has been sized to easily fit standard transport layouts. The iCDS has also been fitted with multiple lifting mechanism options, ensuring all site loading and unloading possibilities are catered for.


Siltbuster’s managing director, Rich Matthews, commented: ‘The iCDS is testament to the Siltbuster team’s continuous research, innovation and engineering capabilities, as well as their commitment to working closely with customers to achieve responsive solutions. This latest addition further confirms our ability to cater for projects of all shapes and sizes, optimizing valuable space on site without compromising on treatment quality.’

The iCDS’ storage area is fully bunded and secured by lockable, bi-fold gates on three sides – a flexible solution for any location which provides maximum accessibility on site during chemical replenishment. The fourth side of the iCDS accommodates a heated, weather-proof and secure compartment which contains the dosing pumps, flow meter and control system.

The standard two-stage dosing system is designed to dose coagulants and flocculants on a flow-proportional basis. This prevents the risk of overdosing and can easily be fitted with a pH adjustment system to enable the pH to be both increased and/or decreased, providing the option for three- or four-stage dosing for more complex water-treatment requirements.

The iCDS is capable of treating flow rates in excess of 100 cubic metres per hour and follows the same modular principle as all of Siltbuster’s products. This allows it to be used as a stand-alone unit or incorporated with a range of other products to create a rapidly deployed, fully operational system to ensure Siltbuster clients are able to apply best practice to achieve their environmental compliance responsibilities.


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