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Sensitive blasting

DUTCH company NX Burst Europe BV have introduced NXbursT – a safer alternative to traditional explosives for use in the mining and demolition sectors. The NXbursT technology is based on a non-detonating chemical compound enclosed in a cartridge, which reacts quickly when ignited to produce high volumes of harmless gas, mainly consisting of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and steam.

When the cartridge is sealed in a drill hole, the gas generated by the ignition of the propellant enters into the micro-fractures created from the percussive drilling process and into the natural fractures and planes of the rock to produce a shearing often known as ‘splitting’. There are no expensive initiation systems required or special tools needed. It is said to be fast, simple and, most importantly safe.

Given its unique characteristics, the non-explosive product is suitable for use in breaking rock and concrete in ecologically sensitive locations or in built-up areas. Examples of use include: secondary boulder breaking; dimension stone quarrying; reinforced concrete demolition; and pass and boxhole excavations.

NxbursT cartridges are available in 12mm, 13mm, 28mm, 34mm and 60mm diameters.

NV Burst Europe BV, PO Box 1216, 7301 BL Apeldorn, The Netherlands; tel: +31 (0)55 534 8072

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