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Sennebogen machine hits the spot for steel manufacturer

Sennebogen 825 E demolition excavator in operation
Sennebogen 825 E demolition excavator in operation

Max Wild GmbH use 825 E demolition excavator for controlled dismantlement of industrial plant 

IN the cramped production hall operated by a die-casting manufacturer based in Germany, a versatile Sennebogen 825 E demolition excavator is being used to carry out the precise deconstruction of an industrial plant. 

The decommissioning, which took place in a restricted environment under a roof, included the removal of thick steel beams and obsolete industrial equipment to make way for a new state-of-the-art megacasting plant. 


The Sennebogen 825 E demolition excavator was specified for use on the industrial deconstruction project due to its flexibility, safety, long-reach, and manoeuvrability, allowing for the precise separation and pre-sorting of components, even at great heights – all from a safe distance. 

The controlled dismantling, which was carried out by contractors Max Wild, was completed in May, with the new megacasting facility scheduled to go into operation by the end of this year. 

Equipped with demolition tongs and grabs, the individual components of the steel plant were successfully cut through and pre-sorted for recycling by the 825 E machine. 

Thanks to the long boom and compact design of the Sennebogen demolition excavator, entire plant houses were lifted, torn down, and moved out of the production hall with ease and efficiency. 

Commenting on the utilization of the Sennebogen 825 E demolition excavator on the decommissioning project, a machine operator said: ‘[It] is really easy to operate. It responds to the finest impulses. The Sennebogen is particularly easy to work with at height. With the cab, which can be raised and tilted, the operator always has a clear view of the working tool and the surroundings.’


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