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Sandvik introduce the PowerCarbide SH69 DTH drill bit

Sandvik SH69 DTH drill bit

New carbide-grade drill bit hailed as a powerful breakthrough in down-the-hole drilling performance

SANDVIK’s most powerful rock tool carbide grades – gathered under the name PowerCarbide – are said to offer a unique combination of strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance, and enhance both drilling performance and cost effectiveness.

Now, the new SH69 PowerCarbide grade, developed specifically for down-the-hole drilling applications in hard, abrasive ground, can increase the service life of drill bits by up to 45%. This not only means increased productivity and profitability, but it also helps improve safety as there is much less need for changing of drill bits, reducing the risk for injuries in the process.


Sandvik’s self-hardening (SH) grades have homogeneous properties throughout the material and have the ability to become tougher and more wear resistant as they drill. The patented material characteristics contribute to added strength and durability.

‘The new SH69 is truly a powerful breakthrough in our cemented carbide development,’ said Xueying Hai, product manager for down-the-hole bits in the Rock Tools Division at Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

‘We can now offer our down-the-hole customers a class-leading carbide grade that can make a big difference in their operations in terms of performance, productivity and sustainability. With less bit consumption, there are clear CO2 footprint savings from both manufacturing and logistics.’

Sandvik say a big part of the success of their PowerCarbide range is the company’s market-leading research and development within cemented carbides. Sandvik control the whole value chain, from their own tungsten mine to the production of inserts and drill bits.

‘Thanks to our state-of-the-art development resources and close co-operation with our customers, we can continue our long tradition of leading the market in cemented carbide innovation,’ continued Ms Hai.

‘With our full range of PowerCarbide grades, we can offer most customers something ideal for their specific conditions, and the SH69 truly strengthens that offering. It really is the inside that matters.’


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