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Safety first for Grundon

ACE Plant Quickfill

Haul roads at busy quarries need quick and efficient dust suppression and the time taken to refill water tankers often causes operational inconvenience. To counter this common problem, ACE Plant have introduced their new Quickfill system, which is supplied complete with: one docking cone and 15ft of 6in suction hose; an automatic vacuum pump changeover; and automated open/close gate valve. 

According to ACE Plant, Quickfill offers a much safer, more efficient operation as the driver does not need to leave the cab and no manual connecting/disconnecting of hoses is required; only a single spool valve is needed. 

Keith Whitlock of ACE Plant said: ‘Quickfill complies with good practice requirements at quarry sites. The system is quicker, meaning there is less downtime, and more importantly, it is safer because the operator remains in the cab while the engine is running with no possibility of trips, falls or being crushed between the machine and dust suppression unit. Quickfill is available for retrofitting to any suitable ACE unit.’

Among the first users to reap the benefits of the accessory are Grundon Sand & Gravel Ltd at their flagship Kennetholme Quarry in Thatcham, Berkshire, where they already have a 1,600gal dust-suppression unit from ACE Plant.  

Simon Dickens, aggregates manager for Grundon, commented: ‘Quickfill works well for us and our operators prefer the system. As a responsible employer we are always seeking safer, more efficient methods in all aspects of our mineral extraction and waste-management activities.’

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