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Rock and roll

ROCKTRON Asia have developed innovative recycling technology which, they say, can process both fresh and stockpiled coal-fired waste, transforming it into 100% recycled eco-minerals.

According to the recycling technology specialists, its proprietary process offers for the first time a consistent year round supply of superior main constituents for cement and cement combinations at higher substitution levels than conventional fly ash. It separates the majority of unwanted materials present in fly ash, which are known to be detrimental to concrete production. This allows RockTron recycled eco-minerals to be used at greater substitution levels in cement and concrete than has been possible in the past with unbeneficiated fly ash.

RockTron have successfully resolved many of the negative issues traditionally associated with the use of unprocessed fly ash, notably high carbon content, variable quality and seasonal fluctuations in supply. As a result of their R&D, this offers a major opportunity for concrete to be manufactured more cost-effectively using environmentally sound recycled materials, while offering better durability and delivering lower embodied energy. 

The company is currently targeting its technology to the Asia cementitious market where there is a high demand for reduced manufacturing and supply chain costs, and the need to cut CO2 emissions. RockTron senior directors are expected to be present at the RockTron Asia IGEM to be held in Malaysia (17-24 October 2010) to discuss what they can offer to energy companies, investors and concrete manufacturers.

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