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Recycling made easy with Extec screens and crushers

With a turnover of £4 million, 30 employees and a new dedicated recycling facility, J. O’Shea and Sons Ltd have become one of the top demolition and haulage companies in the North of England. Following recent expansion into the areas of excavation, haulage, recycled aggregates and waste management, the company are now able to fully encompass the management of demolition and site waste, and by contracting their services and investing in their own waste-separation facilities, they have been able to capitalize on the growing need for waste reduction.

Based at a large recycling facility in Manchester where they create usable products for their own purposes and for resale, J. O’Shea and Sons are currently maximizing revenues and increasing efficiency levels in their recycled aggregates section through the use of a newly purchased Extec C-12+ crusher and a two-way-split Extec E-7 screen.

The new machines replaced the company’s original wheeled screen and an Extec C-12 crusher, bringing with them improved reliability, features and productivity. In particular, the machines offer improvements in the processing of topsoil, sand fill, 6F2 and Type 1 materials, producing increased amounts and better quality products for sale to the construction industry.

Key features of the C-12+ and E-7 machines that permit the recycling of such a wide variety of products include: an inbuilt concrete reinforcing bar removal magnet on the C12+; new stronger chassis and powerful Cat C-9 engines; and the range of punch plates, fingers and meshes available for the top and bottom decks of the E-7, along with a high level of screen vibration for effective screening action on tough materials.

J. O’Shea say maintenance features have also been upgraded on the C-12+, while the E–7 screen’s mobility offers significant improvements compared with their previous wheeled screen. Moreover, the easy-to-replace meshes and the punch-plate deck protecting the fingers and lower meshes have proved particularly useful when processing heavy aggregate materials, while the variable-speed hopper provides better control over material flow and delivers a more accurate end product.

Another organization to benefit from the versatility of an E-7 screen is Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. With the lease ending on their previous machine, the Extec E-7 was seen as the solution to the Council’s requirement to segregate recycled materials – soil, brick, concrete, asphalt, aggregates etc – from the local waste transfer station.

The E-7 splits the materials into 40mm, 20mm and 10mm products for use in final applications such as highway maintenance and the creation of a cold-lay basecourse mix.

According to Barnsley MBC, the design of the machine is such that it performs well even with the most difficult materials, while its many features allow it to be used on a wide range of applications in unpredictable environments. In particular, the heavy-duty screenbox, with its adjustable angle of incline (10–22º), high throw and high vibration, allows for better screening of fines and separation of sticky materials, while the variety of screening surfaces available, along with quick changeover times, allows the Council to deal effectively with the unpredictable flow of waste materials.

The use of a crusher-style chassis on the E-7, which gives the machine increased strength and durability, together with the standard impact bed in the rear conveyor, which prevents roll-back or lateral movement of large material, also impressed the Council, which is constantly seeking to meet government targets and to help improve the environment.

Meanwhile, on Jersey, where landfill sites are filling rapidly and the need for recycling is intensifying, A.A. Langlois Plant Hire, the leading demolition, haulage and excavation company on the island, have bought four machines from Extec – an E-7 screen, C-10 crusher and two S-3 screens – to work on the recycling of waste aggregate materials.

The introduction of the E-7 screen is allowing A.A. Langlois to separate difficult materials, such as heavy overburden, clay and sticky materials, while the compact but highly productive C-10 jaw crusher is well suited to operations with restricted space. Similarly, the compact size and mobility of the S-3 three-way-split screen – the smallest unit in the Extec S-series of screens – means it is also well suited to operations on restricted sites, while benefiting from many of the advanced features found on the larger S-4 and S-5 machines.

Extec Screens & Crushers Ltd, Hearthcote Road, Swadlincote, Derbys DE11 9DU; tel: (01283) 212121; fax: (01283) 217342; email: [email protected]; website:


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