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Recycled aggregates report

Recycled aggregate

BDS report says recycled aggregates now account for nearly 20% of the total aggregates market

ALTHOUGH markets for recycled aggregates have fallen during the recession, the sector still accounts for nearly 20% of the total aggregates market in the UK, according to the latest industry survey by marketing consultancy BDS Marketing Research Ltd.

The consultancy has identified around 530 static sites in the country with an aggregates recycling plant. Together, these plants produced around 37 million tonnes of recycled aggregates in 2011.


Volumes had been in decline with the recession affecting both the amount of wastes generated and also the level of end-use markets. However, the fall in recycled aggregates markets is thought to have been less than that suffered by primary aggregates companies in recent years.

Around a quarter of static recycling sites are located in the South East, which also contains many of the higher-volume plants. Nationally, BDS have identified 16 plants that produce more than 200,000 tonnes a year – a level similar to that achieved by a typical sand and gravel pit.

BDS have also identified the top five recycled aggregates companies as Tarmac, Lafarge, Day & Sons, Aggregate Industries and Frimstone. Although these are well established companies in this sector, they represent less than 15% of the market.

Taking the top 10 recycled aggregates companies in total, BDS estimate that these represent just over 20% of the market. The consultancy has identified around 400 companies in the sector as a whole.

For further details of the report contact BDS Marketing.


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