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Raymond Brown commit to new road safety initiative

Raymond Brown commit to new road safety initiative

Company’s tipper lorries rebranded to more visible colour as part of Project Pictogram

RAYMOND Brown have announced their commitment to the Project Pictogram road safety initiative as they rebrand their tipper lorries to a more visible colour.

Project Pictogram is a fleet, business and community road safety communication aimed at reducing risks across the country’s roads. It is focused on the ‘fatal factor’ driver behaviour risks present in almost all killed or serious injury (KSI) collisions.


Raymond Brown are applying five pictogram stickers to all 82 of their vehicles and, by doing so, will provide daily on-road reminders of these key risks to all motorists on every journey. The business will also be taking the road safety messages into local schools as part of its Community Matters initiative.

Raymond Brown’s chief operating officer, Steve Clasby, commented: ‘We are very excited to be rolling out Project Pictogram across our entire fleet of vehicles. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do and engaging with the community has always been a key priority for our business.

‘Project Pictogram is an excellent road safety communication initiative which promotes safer, freer-flowing roads. It creates an industry standard to which our fleet can align and ties in with the rebrand of our tipper lorries to a fresh new colour, promoting our commitment to sustainability and ensuring that our vehicles are clearly visible on roads.’

Caroline Nokes (pictured), MP for Romsey & Southampton North, and an active supporter of the Project Pictogram initiative since 2015, joined Raymond Brown for the unveiling of their new safety-focused livery.

‘This sort of community engagement initiative is exactly the type of motivator that can shift understanding of risks,’ she said. ‘Instinctively, we all know which activities are dangerous whilst driving, and the pictograms will provide daily reminders of what we all have to pay much more heed to.’


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