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Quickspray unit solves dust issues for Council yard

Quickspray dust-suppression unit

Ace Plant dust-suppression system proves effective in terms of area coverage and efficient water usage

AWARE of potential dust issues due to the close proximity of its neighbours, a Council investigated the options for dust suppression at its new 500 sq metre road waste transfer depot – home to the storage and handling of road planings and various aggregates.

Due to the size and nature of the depot, which comprises large open areas as well as smaller intricate spaces, a specialist dust-suppression application was required.


Milton Keynes-based Ace Plant provided a demonstration Quickspray dust-suppression unit for the Council to test. Using the built-in fork sleeves of the Quickspray unit, the Council was able to utilize its own JCB 417 loading shovel.

Powered by third service hydraulics, Quickspray is fitted with a hydraulically driven carbon fibre spinning disc that atomizes water into a fine mist – trapping airborne and surface dust.

According to the Council, the depot trial went well with the Quickspray unit proving itself to be very capable in terms of area coverage, effectiveness and efficient water usage.

Stating that Quickspray is ‘easy to get around the yard, even with walling separating products’, ‘easy to dust suppress open areas’ and ‘didn’t use much water’, the highways depot subsequently purchased a Quickspray unit painted in its own distinctive RAL4006 Traffic Purple colour scheme.


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