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Quarry Life Award 2016 gets under way

HeidelbergCement launch third edition of their international research competition on biodiversity in quarries

FOR the third time, HeidelbergCement have initiated the Quarry Life Award, an international scientific and educational competition to find new ideas for the conservation and promotion of biodiversity in quarries.

Thanks to the Quarry Life Award, young people – students, graduates and scientists – will have the chance add true ecological and educational value to a mineral extraction site.

‘Our company is committed to promote the exceptional local flora and fauna in its quarries and pits worldwide,’ said Dr Bernd Scheifele, chief executive officer of HeidelbergCement. ‘We believe that research projects and ideas can raise the knowledge about the biological value of quarrying sites and, thereby, contribute to further protect and promote biodiversity. That’s why we have implemented the Quarry Life Award for the 3rd time in a row.’

The Quarry Life Award will take place in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Asia-Oceania. Students, graduates, scientists and NGOs can participate by submitting a project proposal by 1 March 2016 on the website:

In the UK, five Hanson sites are participating in the 2016 contest – the rock quarries at Batts Combe in Somerset, Craig yr Hesg in South Wales and Ingleton in Yorkshire; Grange Top cement limestone quarry at Ketton in Rutland, and Misson sand and gravel quarry in Nottinghamshire.

In this third edition, the contestants are required to build a project around one of the following categories: Habitat and species research; Biodiversity management; Education and raising awareness; Beyond quarry borders; and Student class project.

The five best project ideas in each country will be selected to enter the fieldwork phase based on their innovation, feasibility, added value, stakeholder engagement and educational aspects.

From April to September 2016, all selected projects will compete simultaneously at national and international level and will be individually assessed by both national and international juries.

The best ideas will be awarded with national prizes of €1,500, € 3,000 and €5,000. At international level prizes of €10,000 will be awarded to the best project in each category and a Grand Prize of €30,000 will be granted to the best overall project. The winning projects will be revealed in autumn 2016.

Almost 400 project proposals from 22 countries were submitted for the 2014 award with 95 projects selected for the research phase.

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