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Protect and preserve with Kal Tire

Earthmover tyre specialist announces further developments in ‘fendering’ process for tyres

THE harsh conditions that most earthmoving vehicles work in and the consequent opportunities for serious tyre damage have led Kal Tire (formerly OTR Tyres Ltd) to further develop their fendering process for off-road tyres.

‘The sidewall of a tyre is a large exposed area, as well as being the thinnest part of the tyre,’ explained Wayne Cornell, Kal Tire’s UK and Africa manufacturing manager. ‘In harsh working environments this area is more susceptible to damage as the sidewall makes contact with objects, so the logical solution has always been to protect the sidewall through fendering.’

Kal Tire say they are confident that some elements of their newly improved fendering process are unique. ‘We have gone from an initial manually applied ‘slab’ process to a totally automated ‘strip-build’ process, allowing for a continuous compound application with the width and depth of rubber to suit the vehicle and working environment,’ explained Mr Cornell.

‘With results proving so positive, we are now regularly being asked to ‘fender’ new, first-life tyres, especially for the harsher working environments, such as quarries.’

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