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Promoting environmental awareness

Haughmond Hill Quarry viewpoint

Aggregate Industries in pilot internship partnership programme to boost university students’ environmental awareness

THE Aggregate Industries team at Haughmond Hill Quarry has shown nine university students the importance of being environmentally conscious in industry through a visit to the site.

The visit came as part of Aggregate Industries’ partnership with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, which is running a pilot internship programme for university students this year in order to promote environmental awareness and discover how different academic disciplines can contribute to their work in the county.

The day saw the students visit the quarry’s public viewpoint on Haughmond Hill, visit the quarry itself and find out about its all-important environmental policies.

Robert Farenden, quarry manager at Haughmond Hill, said: ‘Supporting this project is forward looking. We all need to be aware of our impact on the environment and Aggregate Industries take that very seriously.

‘Supporting these students today will mean they are well informed to make a positive contribution in whatever career they choose.’

Following the visit, the students will each receive an hour of individual professional coaching sponsored by Aggregate Industries and provided by Shropshire CoachWalk, which will focus on how they can take these opportunities forward into their future careers and make an impact.

Tom Howells, project officer at Shropshire Wildlife Trust, said: ‘We are very excited to be able to offer students this opportunity and grateful for the support of our partners. We are certain it will be a fascinating and valuable day.’

Larry Wright, a life coach from Shropshire CoachWalk, said: ‘CoachWalk is grateful to Aggregate Industries for sponsoring the coaching with the students at Haughmond Hill.

‘Our coaches work across industry and the local community, and their coaching skills will provide focus and structure for the students to plan their next steps, and we hope they will make great contributions to society and the environment in future.’

If this year’s programme proves successful, the Shropshire Wildlife Trust will seek further sponsorship from a range of industries in order to encourage university students to experience working on environmental projects and become future ambassadors in their places of work for protecting nature and living with nature responsibly.

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