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PRIME Site status for Bestwood Quarry

PRIME site status for Bestwood Quarry

Tarmac-owned operation awarded Professional Recognition in Mineral Extractives status by Institute of Quarrying

TARMAC’s Bestwood Quarry, in Nottinghamshire, has been awarded PRIME (Professional Recognition In Mineral Extractives) Site status by the Institute of Quarrying (IQ), for its commitment to improving workforce engagement and continuous professional development.

Since its launch by IQ in 2014, PRIME has existed to recognize the professionalism of those in the quarrying sector who have reached a significant milestone in their continuous professional development.


Dannika Bannon, an active member of the steering group at Bestwood Quarry, developed her own career by taking a Diploma in Quarry Technology at the University of Derby and now manages two quarries in the East Midlands. She volunteered her Bestwood operation to undergo the PRIME site recognition process, which it achieved with flying colours.

Ms Bannon said: ‘I have been involved from the start of this process and thoroughly enjoyed it. During this time I have seen not only what it can do for a person’s career, but also the difference it has made to attitudes and behaviours, which, in turn, make the industry a safer and more profitable place to be.’

IQ’s general manager, Mike Phillips, added: ‘It has been a real pleasure working with Dannika and the Tarmac team through this whole process. It has been very rewarding seeing tangible benefits being put into place and seeing first-hand the rewards that they clearly deliver, especially the true recognition that our professional people deserve.’


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