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Premier road safety award for TfL


Transport for London CLOCS programme wins top road safety award on behalf of construction industry

THE Transport for London (TfL) CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety) programme has been awarded the Premier Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its rapid success in improving HGV road safety in the capital.

The Premier Award recognizes the most outstanding achievement in road safety from a series of road safety categories. Earlier this year CLOCS was selected as a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award winner and the Premier Award highlights it as this year’s leading road safety initiative or product.


The TfL-funded CLOCS programme was lauded as innovative, well researched and well managed. CLOCS has also been celebrated as an example of how public sector leadership can catalyse the private sector.

More than 15 safer HGV designs with low-entry cabs and larger windows have been created by vehicle manufacturers through CLOCS’ stimulus.

Ben Plowden, director of surface strategy and planning at TfL, said: ‘Further improving the safety of our roads is one of our key priorities, and we have clear commitments and an ambitious target to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on London’s roads by 50% by 2020.

‘Receiving this prestigious international award recognizes the results of our efforts and is clearly a huge honour for our staff and our colleagues across the construction industry. This recognition is important. It will encourage more companies to get on board the collaborative CLOCS programme to improve road safety at a faster rate.’

In announcing his Premier Award, HRH Prince Michael of Kent said: ‘The private sector can make a huge contribution, especially when working closely with public authorities.

‘In our cities, especially in London, we face a continuing challenge to keep our pedestrians and cyclists safe. So it is with great delight that this year my Premier Award goes to the team behind the CLOCS programme – a fine example of successful co-operation.’

As the first holistic approach to improving HGV safety, a large part of CLOCS’ success is said to be due to the collaborative partnership with authorities, manufacturers, developers and operators. It is driven by industry-led working groups who develop road safety best practice that is then adopted across the construction sector.

Despite being less than three years old, CLOCS membership has grown to more than 200 companies, including more than 30 major construction clients with a combined annual turnover of £23 billion.


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