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Powerscreen equipment used in 2014 Winter Olympic site preparations

Powerscreen’s distributor in European Russia, Kwintmadi-Lonmadi, have been helping local contractors fulfill material requirements in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics in the southern city of Sochi on the Black Sea coast.

Kwintmadi-Lonmadi were appointed a distributors in 2011 and in their first year have been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Powerscreen Dealer of the Year, 2012’. Their first customer to have purchased a Powerscreen XA400S jaw crusher is heavily involved in the preparations for the Olympic Games, having won various contracts in Sochi. 

KarierServise ltd are a well known construction company with many years of experience in the local market. The owner founded the company as a small operation with just one machine on a building site but the business has since grown to handle large contracts, often requiring multiple machines. 


‘As we have expanded our business we have learned the importance of working with a strong partner who can offer us reliable equipment backed up by good service. In advance of purchasing the machines for the Sochi contracts, I personally checked the equipment and was reassured by the service and support provided by Kwintmadi-Lonmadi,’ said the owner.

The XA400S was selected as the most suitable machine for the marlstone application which required 0-125mm of crushed stone from an average feed size of 600mm. When the XA400S was put to work in the quarry located in the Sochi area, the customer’s expectations were exceeded by the output capabilities of the machine. 

The customer continued: ‘Usually we find that the maximum output potential quoted in sales materials is based on a set of ideal circumstances which is often difficult to achieve. But so far the XA400S has given us at least 10% more than we expected.’ 

While operators were achieving reasonable output levels, they felt that the crusher was capable of more if it had larger equipment feeding it. The customer, therefore, decided to buy bigger excavators; they have since calculated regular outputs of 440 tonnes/h (493 US tons/h). Satisfied with the machine’s reliability and the support service from Kwintmadi-Lonmadi, the customer bought an additional two Powerscreen machines – a PowerscreenChieftain 1400 screen and a PowerscreenMetrotrak HA jaw crusher. KarierServise ltd also have plans to buy more machines in 2013 which will allow the company to win larger contracts and generate more return for their investment.


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