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Plantworx debuts for two new RDS weighing systems

Loadmaster a100 on-board weighing system

Latest Loadmaster a100 and iX on-board weighing systems to be shown for the first time at Plantworx

RDS Technology will be debuting the Loadmaster a100 on-board weighing system which has been described by the UK-based manufacturer as the ‘new industry benchmark’ for accuracy and ease of use in difficult conditions and terrains.

The Loadmaster a100 (pictured) is an all-new CAN-based system that combines cutting-edge techniques and signal-processing techniques to provide precise and consistent weight information.


With the ever-increasing focus on productivity, the new on-board weighing system has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments and toughest of conditions, compensating for uneven, sloping ground and restricted loading areas while reducing cycle times and maximizing tonnes per hour performance.

Loading correctly first time eradicates return trips to the stockpile and thereby reduces vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine/tyre wear and tear. The a100 system features a 7in, resistive touch-screen display and additional keys providing a modern and ergonomic operator interface.

It is suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments, including buckets or forks, and can be retrofitted on to wheeled, telescopic and tractor-type loaders. The weighing system continually measures hydraulic pressure using up to four sensors. The pressure signals are captured and filtered through a weighing ‘arc’ provided by inclination sensors measuring the angle of the main boom. An additional sensor compensates for oil temperature.

All signals are processed in a RDS Smart Box and the resultant weight calculation is sent to the terminal mounted in the cab. An SQL database capability with up to eight reference fields, including 200 products; 2,000 customers; 1,000 locations, haulers, trucks and destinations; as well as up to 20 drivers, is provided. In addition, there is a blend facility with up to 20 mixes each comprising up to 30 products.

A video input for switching the head unit into reversing camera mode removes the need for an additional screen, offering more cab space.

Also making its Plantworx debut will be the Loadmaster iX range of on-board weighing systems, which benefit from additional standard features such as temperature compensation enhancing system performance, which is particularly useful on machines with a wide variation in operating temperature. Another feature is angle compensation; this provides an additional level of precision that is beneficial on most sites, not just those with obvious slopes.

In addition, the Loadmaster iX range offers effective management of weighing data. The 8000iX system, for example, has an integral SD card port for the fast and efficient transfer of data between the loader and weighbridge or office PC. This allows pre-registered customer reference data to be uploaded directly to the instrument. 


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