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Planning consents for anaerobic digestion plants increase

Anaerobic digestion plant

BDS say AD facilities account for 30% of all approved planning consents for waste facilities

ACCORDING to BDS Marketing Research, anaerobic digestion (AD) plants accounted for around 30% of all planning consents granted in 2014 for waste facilities. This compares with less than quarter in the previous year.

The results were from an analysis of BDS Marketing’s waste planning database, as Julian Clapp, principal consultant, commented: ‘Anaerobic digestion plants can vary in size from less than 10,000 tonnes a year to over 100,000 tonnes a year for wider commercial use. They are often developed by specialist companies rather than traditional waste-management businesses. We have also seen an increase in the number of recycled aggregates schemes coming forward, including those treating incinerator bottom ash.’


BDS picked up over 650 planning applications and consents in 2014 relating to waste-management facilities. The number of schemes coming forward remains steady.

The consultancy firm also confirmed that developers were generally successful with applications; around 60% of applications were successful in 2014, with a further 20% remaining outstanding.

Most applications were decided within six months – the average time was five months long. However, some schemes can be frustratingly slow and BDS found that in nearly 10% of all consents granted in 2014, the original application had been submitted more than 12 months previously.


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