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Overseas collaboration for UK Truckmixer Training

UK Truckmixer Training

UK-based truckmixer training provider offers its services further afield in partnership with two overseas brands

UK Truckmixer Training, providers of dedicated driver training and consultancy to the ready-mixed concrete industry, are branching out overseas with the help of two in-country training providers. Working alongside H&S For Life Consulting in Romania and Global Safety Services Group will provide the North East-based company with the opportunity to offer its services further afield.

‘Partnering with two overseas brands is a great way to benefit the industry, not only at home, but also internationally. Over the past three years, we’ve attracted quite a bit of interest from overseas but it’s not something we really followed up on,’ explained general manager Mark Cowan.


‘In the last three to four months, this interest has been building again, so we decide to explore these opportunities and see where they led. Working with both companies will give us the ideal platform to show the rest of the world the benefits of what our training and courses offer.

‘Initially, H&S For Life will concentrate on providing their customers with our Truckmixer Operator Skills Course, with the chance to progress further and develop the brand in Romania. The course has been altered slightly to fit in with specific in-country requirements, but the content is exactly the same.

‘The partnership with Global Safety Services Group is on a slightly bigger scale and will be done in two phases. Phase 1 will introduce the Truckmixer Operator Skills Course in a whole range of countries in Europe plus the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Iraq, the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

‘Phase 2 will involve China, North and South America, and Australia. Again, the course will be adapted for each individual country and will use trainers with the necessary language skills.

‘Global Safety Services Group have more than 35 years’ experience in the ready-mixed concrete industry around the world, so their experience is vital in moving this forward,’ said Mr Cowan. ‘Having the courses approved in the UK gives them a certain credibility, which sits well in the overseas market, which is why we are constantly developing courses that the industry will see the benefits of.’

He added: ‘It’s also been an interesting few weeks in the UK, in which we’ve been working closely with McPhee Mixers, Guard Industries, Dawes Highway Safety and Kate Cairns on the See Me Save Me campaign, which has led to UK Truckmixer Training becoming CLOCS (Construction Logistics Community Safety) Champions.

‘We’ve also had some interesting proposals from various training providers about running our courses ‘under licence’ in the UK, and a few other companies are also looking to get involved with us, so we should have some further news soon, but at the moment the future is looking good.’


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