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Oakwood Demolition choose PowerLatch quick-coupler

Miller UK PowerLatch coupler

Miller UK attachment device offers increased levels of productivity and safety 

MILLER UK’s PowerLatch quick-coupler system has proven to be a versatile and efficient asset for Oakwood Demolition, who are playing a key part in the site preparation for HS2 – one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK.

In preparation for the extension of Euston Station, the demolition contractor is currently using a Hitachi ZX670LC-5 excavator to level off the area and reinforce the nearby roads surrounding the station redevelopment. 


Oakwood Demolition were quick to specify Miller equipment when it came to choosing the optimal attachments for the job.

‘In our industry the attachment is the job and it is one of the most important parts to consider when bidding for business,’ commented Katrina Christoforou, plant manager for Oakwood Demolition.

‘The wrong choice can delay jobs and cost time and money. In addition, quality is key, as is minimal downtime and that’s why we chose to specify Miller when it came to attachments for this job… In the instance of the PowerLatch, Miller had a better lead time and were more cost-effective than their competitors.’

James Ross, Miller UK’s business development director, added: ‘As well as safety being a key driving force in the selection process for specifying quick couplers, so has the drive for efficiency, ensuring contractors can make the most out of their machines on site. 

‘It’s really important to select the right attachments for the job and by doing so the operator will be able to cut through most applications more easily and improve machine cycle times. 

‘That’s why purchasing a Miller coupler will enhance machine and on-site performance resulting in significant earning opportunities, as well as a time saving of up to 25% per machine, per day.’


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