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NOTOS multiple screw pump for asphalt applications

NOTOS multiple screw pumps

Versatile and efficient pump from NETZSCH said to reduce energy costs and minimize cost of ownership

NETZSCH Pumps North America LLC, specialist providers of solutions for difficult pumping applications, have announced the availability of their NOTOS multiple screw pumps for a variety of asphalt applications.

The versatile pumps can be used for pumping everything from light fuel oils to viscous asphalts, making them suitable for rail and ship loading and offloading, as well as tank-to-tank transfer. Portable cart mounting is also available for operation in multiple locations.

According to NETZSCH, NOTOS multiple screw pumps are the most efficient screw pump in the world and the most energy-efficient option for asphalt applications. Their design allows users to reduce the tank asphalt temperature by 20°F or more, resulting in significant annual energy cost savings and minimizing life-cycle costs.

Moreover, the robust design of the NOTOS is said to further drive down the overall cost of ownership by reducing maintenance costs compared with gear pumps and sliding vane pumps. The NOTOS also features complete housing jacketing, the special NETZSCH high-efficiency unique design (HEUD), as well as an innovative liner design.

With nominal speed operation, the pump requires no gearbox and can operate from 2 to 50,000 centistokes (cSt). Featuring robust integral screws and quiet operation, the NOTOS comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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