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NEXUS nitrogen inflation solution from PCL

NEXUS nitrogen generator

PCL form partnership with Kal Tire UK and Australia with bespoke NEXUS nitrogen inflation solution

PCL’s ability to deliver tailor-made, highly accurate nitrogen generator and inflation solutions has made such an impression on Kal Tire Mining UK that the Australian arm of the company has now ordered PCL products to service end-users Down Under.

PCL began working with Kal Tire when they were approached to supply a point-of-use nitrogen generator to inflate tyres being used in hot working environments, such as large steel production sites in the UK.


Because nitrogen is inert, stable and non-combustible, it is the safest gas to use in this type of  application.

Having heard of PCL’s expertise in tyre inflation, Kal Tire asked them to provide a bespoke nitrogen solution capable of running from their existing truck power and compressor supply.

PCL, who at the time were just about to launch their innovative NEXUS range of nitrogen generators with built-in inflators, were able to supply a highly advanced, tailor-made version of the equipment comprising a prototype earthmover/OTR tyre inflator specific model.

This successful application coincided with Kal Tire Australia also identifying the need for a solution, in this case to inflate road-train tyres with nitrogen in order to benefit from better pressure retention as well as improved fuel economy and tyre tread life.

PCL product manager Olly Shortland said: ‘Our work with Kal Tire has proved to be a great success and demonstrates our ability to provide bespoke nitrogen generation and inflation solutions for bespoke applications across the globe.

‘We look forward to building on this success, particularly within the mining industry where safe and cost-effective solutions for inflating OTR tyres are of vital importance to the end-user.’


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