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New wheeled excavators from Doosan

Doosan DX160W-3 wheeled excavator

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment have launched the new 16-tonne DX160W-3 and 14-tonne DX140W-3 wheeled excavators. The official launch of the wheeled excavators follows on from the preview of the new DX140W-3 model at the Intermat 2012 exhibition in April in Paris.  

Replacing the Stage IIIA machines introduced in 2006-2007, these are the first of the Stage IIIB-compliant wheeled excavators from Doosan. Going well beyond meeting the new emission requirements, however, the new DX160W-3 and DX140W-3 wheeled excavators offer several new features and product improvements. They are designed to increase profits through better controllability and productivity while optimizing fuel efficiency. Total cost of ownership has been significantly reduced by maximizing uptime through enhanced quality, reliability, durability and serviceability.  

Higher performance  


The new DX160W-3 and DX140W-3 wheeled excavators offer a substantial boost in performance compared to the previous generation machines: 

  • Main pump flow has increased by 8% and system pressure has risen to 350-370kg/cm2 
  • Bucket forces increased by 16% and arm forces by 6-16%
  • Lifting capacities increased from 3-12% over the front of the excavators 
  • Power increased by 2%, with 12% more torque and a 10% increase in traction force 
  • Up to 9% reduction in fuel consumption 
  • In-cab noise levels reduced by 5dBA.

Doosan say that compared to competitive machines on the market, the new DX160W-3 and DX140W-3 wheeled excavators offer an optimum balance between displacement and engine power; the highest bucket forces and some of the best arm forces as well as an optimized working diagram which, combined with the extended wheel base, is said to give the machines the highest lifting capacities on the market. 

Both machines provide new levels of comfort, ease of handling, optimum balance and high mobility for multi-tasking as tool carriers for buckets, breakers, pallet forks, grabs and crushers for excavating, handling, carrying and other applications. The new wheeled excavators are suitable for small to medium sites in civil engineering, utility and road projects, for applications such as digging trenches; breaking into rock, concrete and asphalt surfaces; setting up trench boxes; levelling; lifting pipes; moving pallets/materials and loading trucks. 

The new wheeled excavators can move easily between job sites at nearly 40km/h. The low ground pressure ensures that the DX160W-3 and DX140W-4 wheeled excavators are well suited for off-road and soft-ground conditions.

Overall, the new DX160W-3 and DX140W-3 wheeled excavators meet the needs of a wide variety of customers, including contracting, civil engineering, rental, utility, road maintenance, recycling, waste handling and building materials companies.  

Increased controllability and operator comfort 

A new attachment select and setting function is a standard feature of the controls, with 10 recordable preset values. The joysticks have proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons to provide precise control of attachments. The controls have an improved layout, with the most important switches grouped together in easy reach on the right console.  

A new 7-inch colour high-quality visual control console offers an attractive display and excellent functionality. All functions can be controlled both from the instrument panel as well as via a new jog/shuttle control next to the joystick, a feature exclusive to Doosan excavators. Forward/neutral/reverse (FNR) buttons on the joysticks allow the operator to change direction without removing their hands from the joysticks.

The ROPS and OPG certified cab offers 6% more space for the operator, while a new cab suspension system helps to cut vibration by 20%. Combined with a new cooling and fan system, this has helped to reduce the noise level in the cab from 74dBA to 69dBA. The machines feature as standard a fully adjustable heated air-suspension seat designed to reduce operator fatigue.  

The cab is pressurized to prevent dust and dirt from entering this space. Lighting capability has been increased by 100% to facilitate working at night. A side camera is available as a safety option. An increased area of glass in the windows of the cab allows better all-round visibility. Other features include a slimmer steering column for improved visibility, a fully automatic climate-control system, a USB port to play music and videos, and more storage compartments for paperwork and other items.  

Higher power and workload output

The DX160W-3 and DX140W-3 excavators are both powered by the Doosan DL06KB six-cylinder ‘common rail’ turbocharged diesel engine providing a 2% increase in power to     102kW (137hp) at 2,000 rev/min and a 12% increase in engine torque. The DL06KB engine meets Stage IIIB emission regulations through the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) after-treatment technologies.  

New hydraulic pumps and valves increase hydraulic flow by 8% with the system pressure increased to 350-370kg/cm2. Traction force has been increased by 10%. The greater hydraulic performance boosts front and power functions, increases lifting capabilities (lifting capacities have been increased by up to 12% over the front), lowers cycle times and boosts breakout forces. The swing torque has been increased by 3%, while the bucket and arm forces have been increased by up to 16%. Overall, the new generation hydraulic systems improve the productivity of the machines through highly responsive, predictable controls.  

A new ECO gauge on the control panel monitors in real time the rate of fuel consumption and actual engine-percent load to help guide the operator to select the best operating mode for fuel economy. 

Two new operating modes (P+ mode: Power Plus and L: Lifting) improve controllability and efficiency. The Lifting mode is intended to facilitate the handling of heavy objects and materials on construction sites, a feature especially useful when working in narrow and confined spaces. 

Factory tests show up to a 9% reduction in fuel consumption, depending on the mode selected and the work being done.  Two new idling steps, the first offering auto idling to 800 rpm (previously 1000 rpm) after 3 seconds of no machine use and the other a One Touch Deceleration switch on the left joystick, allow the operator a choice of idling mode.  The idling capabilities and the electronic clutch reducing unnecessary fan operation contribute to the high fuel efficiency of the new excavators. 

Lower total cost of ownership

The frame, boom, arm and undercarriage of the new DX160W-3 and DX140W-3 wheeled excavators have been reinforced for increased durability. As a result, the service life of the machine has been extended significantly, building on Doosan’s reputation for reliability and durability. 

The excavators have an easy-to-open, one part engine bonnet.  The DPF is securely locked in a specific compartment.  Filters, valves and batteries are within easy reach for service work. Cooling capacity has been increased by 10 to 15% compared to the previous generation machines.  

As well as having more standard features than other wheeled excavators on the market, the DX160W-3 and DX140W-3 offer a greatly expanded choice of options, including a new floating boom system for easy levelling and finishing work. Available as an option for heavy-duty applications is a dual pump providing extra flow for high flow attachments. Other options available include monobloc or articulated front working equipment, dozer blades, outriggers, cradle support, auxiliary hydraulic lines, a larger tool box, an air gun and compressor for cleaning and a microphone/speaker for increased safety on worksites. 


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